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hey community, my name is Nats i'm 23 and from Brighton/Bedfordshire(currently not sure where i am living yet XD). i have just recently graduated from university where i studied graphic design and illustration, will be going back next september to do my PCGE so i can teach in secondary schools.

I have been into pokemon since the first red and blue games and have played the major game since (johto is my favourite region). i use to collect the tomy's when they came out with the first games, but i only recently started getting back into collecting. i mainly collect the pokedolls but also have side collection of hoothoot, noctowl, lickitung, eeveelutions and pidgeot line.

These photos are from my parents house, will update with my collection from my brighton house at some point as well as some gets i'm excited about. i also a shoe box full of tomy figures,kid figures and keychains, but no where decent to display them as of yet.
Tags: pokedolls
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