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Vulpix collection, Halloween plush, and my first sales post! Also, question...

So I have to start out by saying I have become a Vulpix addict. Is there a cure for this? xD The overview:

So my Vulpix collection has gotten pretty big in a short amount of time! Also, if you're seeing threes... Yeah I explain after the last pix picture. I received all but one of the Halloween Pikas in a lot on Y!J. I was SO happy. I love Halloween and these Pikas are just so cute. I have more on the way. The one still in bag is actually the one I gave to my mom.

My DX Tomy Vulpix dilemma... So I clearly got over excited a few times over these things and now I have at least one too many. My issue is... It's like Pokemon Center plush -no two are really exactly alike. Well all three of these have slightly different color shades and stiffness/looseness(?) in their heads and tails. So now I can't decide which ones to keep or whether to just keep them all and be paying myself back forever for them. I originally bought a 2nd one because I was unhappy with the condition of the first one I received. The third one just popped up one day and I couldn't resist due to my being a Vulpix addict... lol

Also, I'm just trying to figure out the worth of these/gauge interest in them. I believe they are official. I'm mainly concerned with the people figures.

So thanks for looking! Now if you're so inclined you could visit my sales!
After a month of waiting I received sales permission! Yay!
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