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Legitimacy Check

Hey everyone!

All plush confirmed as legit =] Thank you everyone!!

So I recently bought a pretty big lot of plush off of ebay. It included various plush including hasbro, jakks, and some pokedolls. I'm planning on selling some of the plush, so I just want to make sure I know how to tell what is legit and what is not. I think they are all legit, but you can never be too safe! Some of the pokedolls have the "s" sticker on the inside of their tags, so this means they are legit right? Someone told me that once, but I just wanted to make sure. Also, does anyone older pokedolls with tush tags they can compare for me? I noticed the older pokedolls (lugia and corsola) have different tush tags. I've never seen tags like this, but I also don't have any pokedolls that old to compare them too.

One of the plush in the lot was a Houndour pokedoll. He's in good used condition, and he has the "s" sticker on the inside of his tag.

Below the cut is a picture of the lot as well as close ups of the tags and a pic or two of houndour.

The whole lot:

Corsola's tag (Lugia's is identical):

Houndour pics:

Also, just in case:

Sale permission granted on 9/24/2013 by allinia

This isn't a sales post, but I figured just to cover my bases

Edit: Because of the amount of interest both through PM and on this post, I have decided to auction off the pokedolls in this lot. The other non-pokedoll plush will be up for straight sale in the same post. The post will go up Monday or Tuesday and the auctions will go until probably Saturday afternoon. I figured auctions would be the most fair since they have a set ending time and people can see if they were outbid.

Thank you so much for your interest and help everyone!!

Thank you for your help everyone!
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