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Still and the Hunt for Jakks Haunter, i am a hunter of Haunters

Hey guys,
I am still looking for this Haunter :/ I so regret not buying this back in the day when I saw it at Target long ago on Clarence for 3.99... If anyone has one for sale cheap on their sales post let me know I latterly sit here refreshing pkmncollectors and checking out any new sale I see in a desperate search for this Jakks Haunter. I looked on ebay and got sniped when I saw it in a lot with him in it. Below are links of the figure. I realy want to find him for a descent price
actually, If not for that figure I probably would have never found this wonderful community :) its how I came across Live Journal in the first place. I remember looking Jakks Haunter on Google and finding old sales post from 2009,2010,2011 and even 2012 selling Haunter fairly cheap. I hope they start popping up on ebay or anywere for that matter. Haunter is my ultimate favorite Pokémon I really want him, this figure has become my all time obsession in fact. So if any of you have a haunter with both hands that you want to part with let me know so I can give him a good home :)
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