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Small sales! Charizard V-Trainer and Pencil Toppers

Hey guys! I just got some more stuff in the mail today and have some figures that I have to buy in order to get some eeveelutions, so those are for sale! :) I also have some lots for sale on ebay and may consider separating them if someone shows interest in only some of the items.

My feedback thread is here:

Sales Permission was granted by Denkimouse on 11/28/1011 (maybe 2010)

Ebay Lots:

~Rules and Guidelines~

-I ship from Oshkosh, Wisconsin, USA
-I will hold items for no more than 24 hours (meaning you tell me you want something, then I message you saying the total, and you do not pay within 24 hours OF ME TELLING YOU YOUR TOTAL unless otherwise worked out with me)
-I CAN NO LONGER SHIP INTERNATIONALLY :( (I will ship internationally for extra postage! The rates are as follows:
1-10 cards= $7.00 to anywhere outside the U.S. 10+ cards= $10.00 to anywhere outside the U.S. Non-flats: start at $9.50
-I generally will ship your item within a few days :) (approx. 2-4 business days)
-Haggling is OK!!! (as long as you're being reasonable of course)
-Shipping starts at 2.50 for flats in the U.S. and non-flats start at $3.00 in the US
-Any questions or want to see additional pics??? Just message me!! :)
-Do not post if you are not going to reply back within 24 hours. This is just rude to keep me and other buyers waiting on whether you want an item or not, or to clarify which items you want.
-Please try to be specific as possible when telling me which items you want, or link me with the pictures. Try to use titles for the items that I have used. That way there is less confusion and less mistakes.

Feedback link is HERE:
Sales permission was granted by denkimouse 11/28/2011

Charizard V-Trainer: :)
Brand new, just taken out of package- does not come with V-Trainer base. I am keeping that. lol

$13.00 shipped in the U.S. $20.00 shipped anywhere else SOLD!

Pencil Toppers:

Zapdos: $3.00

Moltres: (you assemble the wings) $3.00

Articuno: $3.00

Claydol: $1.00

Vigoroth: $1.00

Deoxys (defense form): $2.00

Slaking: $1.00

Flygon: $2.00 SOLD!

and that's it for today ^_^ Remember if you see something you like in my ebay lots, I'll gladly separate them and work out a deal :)
Tags: articuno, charizard, claydol, deoxys, flygon, moltres, slaking, vigoroth, zapdos
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