acidmimi (acidmimi) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Straight sales and offers! (Espeon canvas and butterfree pokedoll!)

I've decided to weed my collection a little (it's SO hard ;0;) so I'm selling my espeon canvas and taking offers on the rare and wonderful butterfree pokedoll!
And theres some cool eevee chou figures in there too :)

-I ship from the U.S. to anywhere
-I typically ship next day
-My prices do not include shipping!
-I accept haggling
-I also am currently accepting trades, just show me what you have but don't be offended if I decline!
-Happy buying <3

need monayz 002

Espeon Canvas (MWT) 130$

Set of gold silver and original eevee chous 50$

need monayz 003

Butterfree pokedoll offers start at 190$

Offers end tommorow, september 27th :)

She is MWT

and of course you can combine things with my sales!

Tags: butterfree, eevee, espeon, pokedoll, sales
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