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Hello, Hello!

Good morning, afternoon, evening! My name is Molly (aka ariaconbrio), I'm 23 years old, living in Virginia, and I am new both to LJ and this community! Heheh... I've actually had it bookmarked and been watching it for a while, but too shy to join. ;; Some of y'all are really impressive collectors!! I'm what you would probably call a casual collector. I don't know a whole lot about the different companies and lines, and some of my favourite things tend to be used instead of displayed!

I fell in love with Pokemon when it came out... which is when I was in 3rd grade... and I haven't really stopped since! My brother and sister were into it as well, so a lot of Pokemon stuff came through our house. Almost all of the older pieces in my collection are leftovers from then. My favourite Pokemon is Vulpix, and my favourite generation is 4th gen.

There, that takes care of the basics, doesn't it? How about some pictures of what I have? C=

Haha, I'm just gonna throw all my pictures at ya at once and tell stories about the more interesting things!

First up is my valiant and persevering bedcover... I think this has been on my bed every night since 6th grade. It's definitely taken a beating - I had to sew almost an entire side of it back together!
The Gengar shirt is from the Pokemon Center in New York, and the Pikachu shirt is from... somewhere. Mom probably found it on ebay 10 years ago or something.

My card collection is not that big, but definitely big enough that I don't want to take a picture of every page! What follows here is some of (what I think) are the more interesting pages.






I also keep my pre-DS games in this binder~ Kind of a silly place to put them, but I didn't like them all just sitting in a box.
You can see through the blurriness that I have the first 8 games in Japanese as well! Haha, I can't read well enough to play them, but I like having them!
Kay, so here's my one bookcase! Plushies and figures and leftover cards!
A lot of McDonald's figures - all of which I (and my stomach) earned except for Dewott! I really hope they do the third stages someday... though the approach of X & Y makes that seem unlikely to me. Magikarp is Team Rocket's ride - it has wheels on the bottom!
Haha... these are my special girls. The one on the right was my best friend in elementary school. You can see I had to draw her eyes back on with Sharpie. Next to her is her sister, Vultwin (fun fact, my only named plush!).
And that's why Vulpix is my favourite Pokemon. C:
Shelf 1 of plushies! Uhh... I should really take that Beanie Baby out of there... I coloured on it with markers when I was young and pretended it was a Persian.
Shelf 2! The Eevee was a Christmas present I think last year, and I could hardly put it down! @w@ Love that little dude.
And uneventful shelf 3!
This is probably my STRANGEST possession. I found this in a random tourist shop in London, nestled in between toy double-deckers and 1:100 replicas of Big Ben. I was so confused, but so excited!! The clock doesn't run - probably just needs a new battery - and it doesn't have any identifying marks on it except that the face says "KOYO" or "I-KOYO". Has anyone else seen this before?
Deck of cards, old Pokeball (that used to have a Piplup in it?) and my card doubles.
I got this poster in an anime store yeeeeears ago. It has their Japanese names and describes how each one evolves. There must be a second one - any ideas how I could find it?

The last set of pictures is about the things that are in (and on!) my car! True story - I met my best friends in college by putting Pokemon in my car. I caught them peeping in the windows one day~ Haha, they tried to run, but I caught them! Their punishment was friendship. x3
A bumper sticker from my brother. I think this is hilarious and I love it.
Umbreon has a tendency to fall on people's heads while I'm driving~ X3
This Bidoof is a talker!! His battery's wearing out though 'cause I show off his skills to eeeeverybody.
A 3rd KFC Vulpix and Poliwhirl, another very old friend.
Ugh, picture taken by potato. But Plusle and Minun make my car so cheery~ When I'm mad about being stuck in traffic, I look at them and smile. x3
Intro collection
Last but not least, Lapras and Seel. Seel actually sits near my gearshift, but I moved him for the picture.

THERE. That's almost all of what I have! There are a few more things at my parents' house, including a big Piplup my dad won me at Busch Gardens, a big Pikachu, the pillowcases to match the bedspread, and a Vulpix storybook.

My dream... is to one day have a plushie of every Pokemon!! Haha! I realized after getting about 50 of them that by the time I collect all the current Pokemon, there'll probably be 300 more~ And it's even more complicated since they don't make plushies of every single Pokemon, which means buying a lot of customs. So I think I'll probably aim for one generation at a time, though I'm not sure which one to start with!

And... that's it! Very nice to meet you all! I look forward to buying your plushies! C=
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