Meg (confusednarwhal) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Kutakuta Collection Update and Kutakuta sales! WANTED: Lapris + Miltank

renfest 033222

It has come!
I am getting married next week and everything is INSANE. Just moved the kutakutas into the new apartment.

The only kutakutas I'm still really hoping to get are Lapras and Meowth and Miltank. Sentret is also missing, but I'm less concerned about that one. If you have a lapras or miltank for sale, let me know as I'd love to buy...or trade for it.

I have extra: pikachus, pichus, aipoms and jigglypuffs.
I would also trade: wooper, poliwhirl, cleffa. I have more pictures available if wanted.

renfest 030
I am selling each of these kutakutas for $29 a piece, + shipping. Let me know if you're interested.

***  I should've mentioned that I"m going down the aisle to the SS Anne theme from Red/Blue, and our rings are in a pokeball! <3
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