Gin・ジン・仁・:) (denkimouse) wrote in pkmncollectors,

hey d00ds and d00dettes,

this is about the pkmncollectors chat!

for anyone having issues with chat: my guess is that some AIM servers are down, resulting in some members having bad connections to AIM chats. for all of you having issues i recommend using, which is BROWSER BASED, requires NO download, is NOT a client. just sign in and join chat by clicking the little icon with three smilies!

for anyone wondering about this "chat"": pkmncollectors chat is an unofficial chat for members of this community (and sometimes their guests) to discuss whatever - usually (hopefully) pokemon! it began one night when i posted asking for bored folks to join me there and for its first hour of life only contained myself and prguitarman. now it's a (usually) very active chat 24/7 and has been constantly inhabited almost always since winter!

you're welcome to join us - we are "pkmncollectors" on AOL Instant Messanger. You can invite yourself from regular AIM or do as instructed above with meebo. we only ask:

1) be nice
2) don't have a background color

in chat we have no mods or admins or banhammers, so therefore EVERYONE is a "mod", and please try to keep conversation lighthearted and on the topic of pokemon (this is a reminder to regulars as well :P). conversations can often get heated and turn into serious discussions or debates, so just leave if you don't like it! :>

that's all!
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