bennybellsprout (bennybellsprout) wrote in pkmncollectors,

What a pleasant surprise!


Hi everyone! I haven't posted in forever but with the exciting new merchandise coming with Gen IV I have been getting back into collecting!

Seeing that people were beginning to find goodies in Toys R Us encouraged me to stop by after school.
On Tuesday I found the Chikorita and Bulbasaur as well as some of the new "Trainers' Choice" figures but none of them really caught my eye.

Today I stopped by to find Chespin, Fennekin and well as the giant Piplup!!


When I got up to the register, though, the starter Tomy's wouldn't ring through. I wasn't surprised since I knew they weren't supposed to be out yet but once the manager came to the front she said I could buy them and she'd just take the rest off of the shelf. Lucky me!


Also, I'm not sure if we all knew about this..but I remember seeing this in a screenshot and thinking it might be a glitch, but I guess Chespin has a hole in the back of his hood?

On top of those good finds I came home to a huge box full of plush.


My boyfriend got these from a friend when he was back in California a year ago and when he went out last month he finally had the chance to send them here (Pennsylvania) so he and I were happy to move them in with us instead of them taking up space at his mom's. Unfortunately, we don't really know where to put them either. But, either way, I'm happy to welcome some big (Play By Play?) Pokémon to the family! Those dirty little Pikachus have suction cups on their feet so they might end up just going in the car~

Thanks for checking the post out! I'm super excited for XY and I'll be going to NYC for the release party. If anyone knows any details about that I'd love to hear, but I'm just hoping for fun, games and some new merch!

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