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Collection Update! The Accidental collection!

Hi, everyone! I haven't posted a collection update in what seems like forever. I've gotten quite a bit of stuff since then, so I've broken it up into a few "phases". I'm pretty sure that if I did my collection update all at once, it would be so massive that no one would read it, so I'm breaking it up into little sections. Today, I'm going to show you my accidental collection! With all of the Eevee stuff that's been coming out, I ended up buying something here, something there... and then I realized that I had a small, but bona fide Eevee collection. It's hard to imagine that a few months ago, I would say things like, "I feel bad for Eevee collectors. There's so much merch coming out. They'll be so broke!" And now I am an Eevee collector and I am broke. I had no intention of becoming an Eevee collector, but I'm glad that I jumped on the bandwaggon! I've got some pretty unique items from plush to hats to mugs, including an Eevee 3DS signed by Junichi Masuda, so I hope you'll come and have a look!

Here's my collection! It's a bit cramped right now, so I'm working on building a new shelf right now where my Eeveelutions can show off how cute they are!

Sorry if the quality in the photos sometimes varies! My camera battery died in the middle of me photographing some things, so I had to switch to my cell phone camera. ;-;

My Tomy Fuzzy Eevee. She's my first Eevee plush. The one that started it all, I guess!

These are my 2012 Pokecen Eeveelutions. I'm happy that I got them all, and I actually like them quite a bit more than the Canvas series. :)

I just... this is too cute. ;_; I can't take it! It's a mascot plush so it has a strap for a phone/3DS, and I'm seriously considering putting it on my 3DS, but I don't want for her to get dirty!

And the good 'ol 1:1 Eevee. I was beside myself with joy when I heard they were re-releasing this! It's so cute and well made!

Eevee Collection tin! I could have sworn I took pictures of the Eeveelution shaped cookies before I ate them, but they were so delicious, heheh. I guess not.

Jolteon Pokedoll figure! She's super adorable and I was happy to win her in the Ichiban Kuji at the Pokemon Center!

Here's an Eevee drawstring bag! You apparently got it at the NYC Pokemon Center if you buy all of the Eeveelution Pokedolls. Anyone know how much this thing goes for?

Eevee chopsticks! I was so excited when I saw them, I knew I had to have them all. ;-; I want to use them, but I also want to keep them NIP! Oh, a collector's dilemma...


Heck yeah! That's Junichi Masuda's autograph! I met him at Toyosu on the day that the Pokemon movie premiered. He was super sweet and humble, and even though it was raining, he took the time to meet everyone. ;w;

It's awesome! I got the clear Eevee emblem case to compliment it. It's so ridiculously pretty and I'm happy I was able to purchase it while I was in Japan!

That's all for now! I plan on showcasing my Chikorita and my Pokedoll collection soon! :) Thank you for reading!
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