moggywolf (moggywolf) wrote in pkmncollectors,

North American (only) "Sylveon Collection" Card Set

Just seen this posted on Pokebeach:

For all you North American card collectors (and eevee collectors) out there, here it is! This is the first sylveon/fairy type card made, that we know of so far. Pokebeach has said that even Japan has not gotten their fairy types yet.

I know I'll be picking this up as soon as it comes out! eee so excited! It even comes with an adorable sylveon "bottlecap" figure. (From what I can make out that is, most TCG figures are bottlecap ones.)

The image is kinda blurry, but there was no better quality provided yet...

Here is a link to the original Pokebeach post for more info on what the eevee cards look like:

Tags: cards, sylveon
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