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A Thing of Beauty~~ Pokemon X/Y 3DS XL!!

Hello all~~ this is a short gets post but it's one I'm pretty excited about... >w<

These majestic beasts would certainly approve... xD


I preodered the blue 3DS XL from EB Games and have been looking forward to this day for weeks now, ehehe ^^;; I glad I could finally see it in person! (and it'll help tide me over until Pokemon X and Y come out - in two weeks' time guys!! :D)

^Anyone notice the smiley face? It's always makes me giggle, hehe~

Below is a pic of the box art & Leafeon kid for size reference, if anyone was wanting to know ^^

The box has a matte (almost powdery feel?) but I don't mind it at all, since it really makes the artwork stand out. It kinda makes you want to keep the box forever! xD It's really much better in person...

But that's not what we came here in the first place for~ without further ado, here are the "beautiful-shiny-amazing-Pokemon-3DSXL" pics!!

Clear lacquer/plastic coating reminiscent of a DS Lite, but certainly nowhere near as thick~ it definitely makes the patterns beneath it gleam <3

(Much more fun to play the game with my eevee pokedoll, lol~)

I just want to stare at it in awe all day~~ It's impossible to show it in the pics (my camera can only do so much, lol...) but the blue is deeper & very pretty. Much like a pristine, deep-blue ocean~

Yay for the starters! They've always got your back ;)

And some more Leafeon kid reference shots for you :D



I did spend a few days deciding whether I should fork out for this 3DS XL, since I already had a regular 3DS that I seldom use. But I have to say, I definitely have no regrets after getting this special edition. ^_^ (but then again, who would??) So if you're considering but still not yet sure about a 3DS XL, the overall product has had some nice finishing touches (e.g. better comfort, amazing screen size...) and now is the best time to get one (with the release of the XY editions)!! Seriously. I love this 3DS XL more now, after seeing it in person. Though buying a new console might be pricey, I personally think that this 3DS XL release is so worth it!

'Till next time, see ya!
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