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Quick Wants and Quick Sales!

Hey everyone! I have updated my most high priority wants right now, and it looks like #1 is the Talking Palm Ninfia/Sylveon!

Palm Ninfia

I was wondering if anyone was selling this baby? I would like her new and mint in the packaging. I would like to get her for $20-$25 if at all possible. I would also like a fast shipper because I am too anxious to wait for a pick up! ^_^ lol impatient me!

I also still have some pencil topper figures in my sales and some ebay lots. They are all located at a posting I made yesterday (it's closer to the bottom of this first page, that's why I did not repost)

My feedback thread is here:

Sales Permission was granted by Denkimouse on 11/28/1011 (maybe 2010)

Also, here is a list of my newly updated higher priority wants:

-Any cheap eeveelutions kids I may not have (just suggest if you have any and I'll let you know if I have them or not) I will tell you that I really want this Vaporeon attack kid: (The one I had all the way to the far right (crouching)

-Umbreon kid in this picture: (2009?)
Umbreon Kid

-Flareon kids (the two upright ones that are the same except one is clear) These are pretty old, do not know the year...
Flareon kids

-Sylveon chupa (to replace my derpy one) lol
-Any FCS figures (eeveelutions)
-Leafeon Battle Mountain Figure in this pic:
Leafeon Battle Stage Figure
-The largest 40cm Sylveon Plush (Banpresto?)
-Sylveon Bath Soap Figure

There may be some more that I am missing... I will update as I can think of any if necessary! Thanks for looking!
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