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Hello there !

Hello, They call me Giga or Majy and i'm a huge fan of pokemon. I've been playing pokemon since gen 1 was released and i've just recently started collecting things. I don't collect any thing specific but i'd like to share what i have so far for the community to see.

I like all of the games and the movies in the Pokemon series but I don't follow the new anime too closely. I'm pumped for X and Y and I'm going to have Y on preorder. I also plan to get the new 3ds XL when it comes out. But enough about that i'll show you my collection.

Sorry for the bad quality as well. I had to take these all on my smart phone.

I have tons of favorite Pokemon as well ! Too many to keep up with >w< As of this moment I don't collect any thing specific but I have a huge collection. Not pictured are the Raichu plush and the two old talking Pikachu plush. The Giritina and Shaymin discs are holographic and show the alt forms. Some Pokemon are hidden behind others and one of the Pikachu keychains talks when squeezed. I'm not sure what some of this is even worth but i'm really proud to have it all.

I can offer my Pokemon friend codes as well if any one is interested. Currently my favorite things are Dragon Pokemon and the Eveeloutions.

Those pins pictured are all tournament pins from around the country. They where given to me as a gift from some one who used to participate in them. Some of them are even energy shaped.

Edit: Forgot to mention that the Giritina figure that came with the platinum case isn't pictured either since i'm not sure where it went at this moment.

Edit 2: Also not pictured are the following games: Pokemon Stadium 1 and 2. Pokemon Revoloution, Pokemon Sky and Darkness. Pokemon Platinum, Soul SIlver, White, Black 2, Totodile spoon and stylus, Various old GBA cartridges, and Pokemon Sapphire.

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