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Arceus 7/11 2009-2010 Calendar Poster for Sale

I have a 7/11 Arceus 2009-2010 Calendar Poster for sale. Sales permission granted by entirelycliched on 10/29/11, and here is my feedback.

I'd like to sell this for $10 including shipping, but I'm willing to take offers! Shipping for flats is tricky(and expensive) for international, so I'm only doing US shipping on this item. Sorry!



  • US buyers only for this item

  • I only accept PayPal

  • If paying with an e-check your item will not ship until the check has cleared

  • I will only sell to members(in good standing) of pkmncollectors (no banned users allowed)

  • All pkmncollectors community rules apply

  • I will NOT hold any items

  • Strike-through means the item is SOLD!

Shipping Info:

  • Domestic shipping only for this item

  • Shipping will be in a large rigid flat envelope.

  • Tracking is not available for envelopes.

  • Lost or damaged packages will be dealt with on a case by case basis

  • I live in the USA and ship from Illinois

  • I can ship within 2 days (excluding Sundays and federal holidays) of completed payment

About the poster:
The poster came folded in a sealed plastic protector(will not be included as it ripped when opening), and has only been unfolded for these pictures. As I tried to carefully unfold it I accidentally made a small tear in the bottom of the poster. :( Other than that it does have a few wrinkles despite being stored flat. The hanger I used to display it had smooth flat grips, so no additional wrinkles were added by hanging it for these pictures. There is a small card that also came with it that is pictured separately at the bottom.

There is a very small tear at the very bottom of the poster, but otherwise it's in unused condition

Front side

Back side

This is the card that came with it

And don't forget to check out my permanent sales post here where I do offer international shipping on everything!
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