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Offer reminders + Gets and PACHIENA + Politoed Pokemon Time wants

Hello community!

I was a bit busy these days with my studies but I want to make a little reminder and show you some AWESOME gets <3

I'm still taking offers for some plushies, TOMY keychains and clear kids so please, take a look HERE :) I guess I'll wait until the sunday more or less to tell you something.

Sin título-2


First of all, POOCHYENA. I trade with haybuddyy for this awesome Poochyena Hasbro >.< I thought it would be bigger but I didn't expect it SO cute. I mean, on the photos seems a bit awkward, however on the reality it's REALLY CUTE *3*


Politoed and Vulpix TOMY keychains (without the chains). They are really well done. It's incredible thow many details Vulpix has, one of the better figures I've seen of her >.< Both of them are very cute, I'm glad I bought the lot. Also Mightyena kid and Vulpix clear kid. I have right now both Mightyena kids (I'm missing the shimmery version) and Vulpix clear and the same regular kid. I'm missing too many Vulpix kids but I'll be collecting them gradually. And the Politoed Pokemon Time tin and Growlithe Pokemon Time strap (I thought I would got the Growlithe bookmark! D:)! >.< I want the full collection of Politoed Pokemon Time!! It's amazing but it's too rare to found something... ;A; If you found something let me know please <3

I bought Shinx bobblehead and Togekiss kid (and Drilbur but my boyfriend has it! XD) from helibea. Thank you! Shinx is adorable!!


And finally! I want to show you PACHIENA XD I received this week also the Poochyena TOMY and a bootleg version of it! I saw it and it looked so funny to not buy it! It's really weird because he doesn't have the black parts painted but he has black spikes on his back ¿?¿?¿?¿?


Somebody would be interested on trade my Growlithe Pokemon Time strap or Bulbasaur Pokemon Time bookmark for the Politoed Pokemon Time straps or bookmarks or Heracross? ;A;

I reorganized my sales post on the figure section because I sold a ton of kids so I you want to take a look or make a trade for something of my wants post or Politoed Pokemon Time stuff... Please >.<
Finally, about the Pokeball keychain GA. I think the lot has arrived to Spain but really, that company (the new kind of shipping from USA eBay) sucks... The lot has been by some cities of USA, then it travelled to Amsterdam, then to Madrid and now it's coming to Castellon (where I live). It takes too much time because they send it to too many places! Urgh.

Thanks for reading <3
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