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Re-introduction: Here comes the Lawrence III!

Well, forgive me of being a way too excited at the title. I guess it would be a great idea to re-introduce myself before the release of XY since I would like to show my collections most back to school time. I am a 21-year-old male collector from Shanghai, and I started playing my first Pokemon Green at my 3rd grade, which later turned out to be a Pokemon Blue many thanks to the bootlegger. I did not even realize that until I saw someone playing Pokemon Blue and having the same Pokemon sprites as I did. Boom!

Starting from that, I continued my Pokemon gaming life till I discovered this community by accident for searching some Pokemon TCG cards. I immediately joined in as an active member till now, though I have been behaving cool on collecting for reasons I don't even know. Derp.

With that much said, my main collection will definitely be the old legendary bird triangle, dragon family, and Espeon, which is the most beautiful eeveelution in my eye. Besides, I used it for every time I re-played GSC.

OK, let's call it a day and move on to the collection now.


I am a big fan of Full Color Stadium figures and Bandai really did a nice mold and paint job for this line. Among them, clear Dragonair is my favorite and I can stare at it for half a day. It reflects the best form of a serpent-like dragon I could have imagined, the purest bluish and crystal-like as if it is made of water. And I like that flying-pose Dragonite from the Zukan line. It looks so carefree.

Zapdos was the second legendary bird I caught in Pokemon Green, or Blue if you must correct me. Its zigzag and sharp profile makes it a perfect symbol of lightning. I have been regretting all the time that I have missed to get a Zukan for it since it looks so gorgeous when it flies through those lightning clouds. But the clear prize FCS figure and retsuden stamper were two BIG compensates for me because I never expected to get a hand on them. Yes!

Talking about my first-ever-caught legendary Pokemon and best love, it must be -- Articuno! I felt so lucky for obtaining its zukan and european zukan when the prices were low. They make a perfect pair in the photo, don't they? At the moment, the last figure I try to lay my hands on will definitely be the clear version of the FCS figure. I need it to complete the triangle! Oops, I forgot to put the retsuden stamper there, sorry buddy.

Now onto the final one from the triangle - Moltres. I do not know why I have the most merchandise for this birdy. Perhaps they turned out to be the greatest from a camera shot. They just look like that they are burning out the whole photo.

I did not realize that a dot sprite I bought from a member here would fit so well as a background. As you can tell from the collection, it is definitely the most expensive and smallest collection when it is compared to the others. lol. I have always been sitting there and gazing at this line, why on earth they made every Espeon figure so tiny and unaffordable? I want to expand my collection, my dear.
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