haybuddyy (haybuddyy) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Are you guys tired of me yet? D: (Houndoom Pokedoll edition!~)

/prepares to be shot down/


I'm sorry! I'm really excited.

Alright. Some of you may have seen my other Houndoom plush. I was not proud of that one so much. I felt like I was frustrated while making him - I rushed everything and didn't have the right materials.

So, I decided to make another version of Houndoom. I started on this little fella right after I posted about my other Houndoom. But this time, I was actually concentrate and work on him when I wasn't too much of a nervous wreck! I also stopped after I couldn't find the right material for his eyes. I didn't want to use the fleece - to 'raw'. The felt, too tacky (to me). I, being not familiar with making eyes for plush, decided to use these cut-your-own foam sheets! Affordable, and me, looks quite alright (for a 'beginner')!

'Dour now has a dada!





'Karp: O3O

I hope you guys enjoyed! I am sew-ed out. ;___; My fingers hurt, and figuring out the patterns and just, ugh, sewing altogether is overwhelming! In the end, looking at what you have created out of scratch is a real good feeling! I'm so proud of myself!

[ I promise not to post again any time soon. XD I should try and work on including everything in one single post! >_< ]

Ta-ta, happy weekend!
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