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Collection Updates!

Okay this post is mostly Dunsparce oriented, but yeah.

More beloved 'Spooches and microraptors behind the cut!

More Dunsparce!

Dunsparce over here.

Dunsparce over there.
Sorry for the junk photos, my apartment doesn't have the best lighting. 6_9 The two bigger custom plushies and the larger sculpted Dunsparce are made by my bro, Robo-shark (dA) the smaller plush and Dunspartan sculpture by Katisconfused (dA and tumblr), and the amigurumi by my friend Middy! (As soon as I can find a screen name of hers Imma post it.)

Some Dunsparce flats!
These are just some of my flats, most are still back in Michigan that I need to bring back with me. ;3; It's like 99% TCG, other cards, and stickers that got left behind.

Archen and Archeops!
I'm too lazy to show all the Archen and Archeops flats I have right now but here they are at least. =V The pastel Archen plush is also by my bro Robo-shark! Either way I am completionist for Dunsparce, Archen and Archeops and I am determined to get nearly everything of them. You can see a part of my Snover line sneaking in, too.

Also, since TOMY won't give me the large Dunsparce figures I desire, I'm in the process of modeling a couple Dunsparces to get 3D printed... One meant to be HUUUGE- I'm talkin' 9 inches long- and one meant to look like the Pokémon Rumble U figures. Archen and Archeops will eventually get the same treatment from me. I'll be sure to share the results with everyone once I get around to them!

Thanks for lookin', if you have any questions I'll be happy to answer them! :D
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