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Pokemon XY Patches!

Hi everyone, I've been beavering away, and I'm happy to say... For one week I'm offering 3" machine embroidered XY themed patches!
Just drop a comment if you'd like a patch, and I'll sort you out. :D

I have to admit these have a little photoshoppery on Dedenne and Froakie because I accidentally scanned them with a long thread across the scanner. I only found out after I'd packed up.


Pokeballs are a little smaller, but no less adorable.

Pokemon Patches are $7.50 each
Pokeballs are $5 (pokeballs half price if you buy more than one Pokemon)

Ship as many patches as you can cram into your hands for:
$2.00 to Outside Europe (USA, Australia, etc.)
$2.00 to Europe
$1.00 inside the UK

- I ship from the UK, from a smoke free home.
- Patches are usually completed and shipped within 1 week of ordering.
- Please reply to your own comment to add or remove items. Please don't edit. :)
- Sales permission granted in June 2011 by Dakajojo
- My feedback is here and here

I want a larger patch!
That's fine! Just ask for a quote!
I can do patches up to 6 inches in the longest direction. My rule of thumb is to add $1 per inch of size increase, to cover materials used.

What can I do with my patch?

  • Pin it on a cork board.

  • Glue it or sew it onto your bag.

  • Put it onto a hat!

  • Sew it on clothing and be very trendy.

  • Wash it at temps of up to 40 degrees Centigrade.

Will you make me a patch of something else?
Sure! I take custom orders, but they are $5 more as you pay for my time designing the patch.
I also have other Pokemon and designs. For examples of my other designs and work, check out my Etsy store >> here << anything there can be made into a patch.
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