neutralemotions (neutralemotions) wrote in pkmncollectors,

quick gets post

so after seeing everyone else post about the new tomy merch at toys r us, i made a stop there today during my free time. they didnt have as much as everyone else seems to have gotten, but they did have a few things out!

they didnt have the display up or anything, and the pokemon merch was sort of hidden in a corner of the store, but i managed to find these there!
i grabbed the bulbasaur plush to add to my bulba collection, and there were only one of each of the xy starter packs
i havent seen anybody else mention it, but the new figures have a matte paint instead of the usual glossy paint im used to tomy figures having. its actually really nice!

I'm really excited for xy, I might start collecting Bunnelby if I like its evolution. anybody else have a 6th gen pokemon that they already plan to collect? :3
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