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Collection Update! :D

Hello all! I've been waiting for a few items to come in before I did a collection update and they finally arrived!

I've mostly been adding plush to my collection but have added a few figures as well!

First off, The plush!

This case is one of the newest additions. It was made to hold a football but I'm using it to hold my more fragile plush.
Jiggly puff and Sleepy Pika are both newer plushes!
I found some sad news about my squirtle, though. He happens to be a bootleg and a really well made one at that! His tag is completely different than the other kutas. It doesn't even say Tomy. :/ So sad!

This is gyarados. He's not new just really pretty. :)

bidoof shelf
This is my Prototype/sample plush of Bidoof from Jakks. More pics of him can be found here:

He is in a temporary spot. He's actually in the spot of where I want a poseable serpent pokemon plush to go. :)

Newest pokemon here are: Recall venusaur, butterfree, and phanpy from haybuddyy. We traded. :) Cyndaquil kuta from aurora669. We also traded. Gengar 1998 plush, laying mew, and Ghost pika.

These are mostly my water type/eevee shelf but others have made their way in!
New ones here are 1 <3 Marine Lapras, Marill, and Wailord, 2009 kuta totodile, sleepy toto in the back and shiny Entei pokedoll!
Entei just wanted to chill with other blue pokemon. lol

I did do some rearranging after the photos above were taken. hehe oops!

Figures time!

First off, my Mewtwos! I have the Goundbreaker mewtwo (w/o rock base), mewtwo pokedoll figure, and the gachapon mewtwo that are new here. I'm still trying to make some sort of rock base for my sad leaning mewtwo!
If anyone has one or can make one, I would love to talk! :D

Squirtle TIME! Nothing really is new here except for the lovely squirtle/quagsire ornament! The light makes it look like quaggy is about to do aurora beam! XD Can he even do that move?! And as my bf says, "Squirtle is opening a new home!"

music box
The music box and kyogre chess pieces are the only new things here... not very interesting, I know... lol
Kyogre was from a trade with poliswirls

music box2
Pay no attention to the girl in the mirror! lol
The music box here is also new and really big in comparison to the other music boxes I have. It plays the japanese pokemon theme song. :)
I haven't figured out the other songs yet! :/
Magikarps are being saved for swampeh hehe

This is just a far away shot of my figure shelf. Not everything here was mentioned since its only an update about the new items. :)
Edit: Been told my squirtle kuta is real so I'm going to keep him! :D

Hope everyone has a good night!
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