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a sweet collection update and some awesome sales!!!

Hey guys!  Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the fabulous autumn weather!  Today I bring you some neato snakey poison things I've gotten recently, amongst other cool things!!!

collection update thing

First up, some fabulous Pokemon shirts!!!  Pokemon clothing is amongst my favorite kind of merch, because it's one of the few types of merch that is functional and doesn't sit on a shelf!


Oh my goodness, I'm so in love with this shirt.  I missed my chance at any Pokemomo goods earlier this year, but one of my friends from the dance game community recently traveled to Japan and visited a Pokemon center!  She sent me tons of photos and messaged me and wondered if I wanted anything, and I was like "THAT SHIRT, I WOULD VERY MUCH LIKE THIS SHIRT!"

The design is so wonderful, quirky, and cute, and it fits like a charm.  I've been digging this loose fitting, wider neck shirt style recently, and it fits in perfectly with my wardrobe!  I couldn't have been happier with a thoughtful gift :D

Hahaha, this shirt.  I've actually had it for MONTHS, after I saw that 3kame got one at a local convention last year.  I was like "this is perfect, I need one!".  I actually wear it on a daily basis, it's so comfy!  I actually don't drink Starbucks that often, but perhaps I should stroll inside one some day with this shirt on, haha.

Some new Arbok gets!!  A random clear figure from herar, another mini model color (this time it's red!), another metal figure (also red!!!) from technicolorcage, and an awesome Gameboy cartridge from a lot I won!!

The clear figure is actually very similar in size to a Tomy figure, maybe a cousin to the Mexican figure I got earlier this year?

I was actually quite excited to get this fella!  I got the Ekans one sometime last year, and I always wondered if an Arbok one existed.  It's funny how I always have a hunch that if I see a piece of Ekans merch, I always wonder if an Arbok one exists, and vice versa.  I spotted this guy in a lot of Burger King Gameboy stuff!  Paid a little more than I wanted to, but hey, it was worth it (as usual!), haha.

Next up, the most gorgeous snake figure in existence!!!!

AHHH YOUUUU, you are finally mine you pretty serpentine!!!!!  This is the elusive Seviper Data Carrier figure.  I've only seen one or two in other people's collections in the past 3 years, but never saw one for sale. xxcutesnakeyxx was so nice to let me purchase this wonderful beauty!  I promise I will take care of him and give him lots of love!! :D

Such a beautiful face ;____;

And a wonderful pose!!  <3

METAL FIGURES. You know whenever you obtain another metal figure, it's like winning the lottery.  Well, I'm sure winning a huge lottery jackpot would feel out of this world, but for now, obtaining new colored metal figures in my source of feeling out of this world, haha.

The oh so wonderful Jessie with Arbok metal figure!  I've obtained another color!  Gorgeous as usual <3

That brings the count up to 3!  Now all that's left are the shiny colors! Shiny gold and silver!  Why are those colors so hard to find, haha.

Green is the newest addition, so of course, I have to provide an up to date photo of the Metal Ekansesesessss!

ELEVEN METAL ARBOKS NOW, woooooooo!!!!  RED IS NEW <3333

Updated photo of Arboks!!! Oh man, it's starting to get crowded in there again.  Don't mind the derpily displayed plush, they DO NOT sit up normally at all, haha.

Other random gets!!!

I actually received this a month or so ago, but never took a photo of it.  It's a giant puzzle piece with Grass/Poison Pokes on it, but I purchased it for the Weepinbell of course!

Ekans sandwich keeper!!!

POISON TIN, what an interesting large thingy!!

Purchased for the Weepinbell of course <3

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that this thing is very large.  Bigger than a soda can.  I forgot to take a photo of it sitting next to something of comparable size, but lets say it's just as tall as a Pokedoll!

Neato keychain that has little paper cards inside of random Pokes!!

This one happened to have BOTH Ekans and Arbok inside!!

Oh, and a Weepinbell too, yay!!

Recent flats I've received!!  The one on the upper left is my favorite, it's a card that's totally clear, with a secret code on it!  I wonder what you need to decode it, haha.

ALSO I have some sales/auctions!!! My dream of owning an arcade machine is coming to life, and in turn, I need to do some weeding!!  Please take a gander, I'm sure you'll find something that will suit your fancy :]

Click on the banner above to be transported!

Here's a preview what's up for auction!

sales preview

Thanks for looking, you guys are wonderful! <3
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