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Alright, this post is quite small but I just need some information.
My stupid bank has cancelled my card and I have no idea why! Me and mum are going in to complain and to get in un-cancelled today, but It's really pissed me off since some of the eCheques I've sent to people in this community have been cancelled .
I need to know who's eCheques were cancelled (I received 2 emails about two different eCheques that were cancelled but I want to know if anyone else's were, so I can repay them a.s.a.p)
Hopefully, we'll also find out why my card was cancelled (hopefully no one else was trying to use it x___x;;)
But yeah that's it, and I'm really sorry to have caused such an inconvenience to those users >__<
Stupid bank... ¬___¬

It turns out that my card haden't been cancelled but my paying in book that had been mailed to me turns out that when I use it i'm actually paying in to my SAVINGS account, not my actual spending-money-through the card account, and the book dosen't say that. In fact, they had completly phailed to tell me >< Well anyway, they're sending me another paying in book to use for my main account... (I had used a paying in slip from the actual bank instead of my book before, that's why I was able to pay some live journal users but not others -__-)
Again, I'm really sorry to have caused so much trouble D;
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