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Hello post as a couple pics of my just starting collection.

Hi guys! I don't think I have posted a introduction post yet. I'm Bryn, a 40 year old who just got into Pokemon. My best friend Got me Pokemon Pearl for my DSi and I was hooked in about ten minuets. So forgive me if lingo is wrong or I mix Pokemon up. There are a lot to learn. Which to me is part of the fun of it.

They only take up one shelf so far. I want to get some wall shelves for above them for either my growing Kawaii and Sanrio colection, or to hold my Pokemon as I collect them and the Kawaii go up higher as most of those things are bigger and can be seen from below a wall shelf.

My giant, well loved Hoot Hoot. This is actually the first Pokemon I got, even before playing the games. We had moved and a friend was helping with things and pulled him out of packing to put him up. I squealed because I thought he was adorable. So she gave him too me because of my reaction LOL. He's loved and squishy and I am happy to have him.

I have a small Hoot Hoot too.The lighting makes him look all pilled up but he isn't at all, he's in epic good shape.

These are my first Turtwigs. In a few years I imagine I will have a Turtwig army. LOL

My first Pikachu! He's so wee tiny and cute!

I adore Buneary. I have one named Sebbie that has been on my team since I got him. So I imagine there will a few in my collection.

I'll have a get coming soon, and another that's a gift for someone, and maybe another I'm not sure I am having to pick between two things.

So far I adore Turtwig, because he is the first Pokemon I have played. I named him Toughie in the game, and as he evolves he is still my little Toughie. So I know I want to collect Turtwig, Grotle and Torterra.

I love Pikachu because I do remember watching the Anime when it first came out on my 13 in TV with rabbit ears. There was no way I could afford to play the games all those years ago, sadly. I remember the madness though, I also have started watching again from the beginning.

So yes, any questions you have definitely ask away.

I have a couple:
How do you decide which to collect? I notice a lot of people have varied collections with lots of figures and a few plush, while others collects consist of mostly one Pokemon and contain plushies and figures.

Is there a place to find a list of all the items that have been released for a particular Pokemon?

Also, for example, I plan to collect Turtwig, this I know. I currently have a toy factory one as well as a little clip. <3 What is the difference between toy factory and say a Jakks or a Pokemon Center one? I notice a lot of people collect all, or most of the plushes from their favorite. It looks so cool! I just wondered what the differences are. I've read through the how to spot bootlegs, but is it taboo to collect bootlegs?

Is there anything I should know or be wary of? Not on here of course!

I have already bought a couple things here and have been so pleased. I think this is a good place for folks like me to start. I already have some awesome gets from here and I can not even imagine how nice my collection will be after Christmas!

OK that was a lot of questions. So much to learn!!

Nice to meet you all!!
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