DoryPhish (doryphish333) wrote in pkmncollectors,

LF some replacement and a few tomys to complete my Johto collection!

Hey guys! I'm a few short of a completion! And my nidorino and nidoking are questionable for legitimacy (got a new nidoran male for $4 MIB :D) I would like them in decent condition, I can clean off marks with my magic eraser not looking to spend more than $10 really for both of them (like $3 for nidoking and $7 for nidorino) Also, if you're willing to sell please send me pictures. I would like to check legitimacy first.

33 Nidorino34 Nidoking

From Johto I would like:

152 Old Pose Chikorita162 Furret193 Yanma217 Ursaring220 SwinubJohto Tomys Needed
Old Pose Chikorita, a new Furret, Yanma, a new Ursaring, Swinub, and Kingdra

Furret and Ursaring are a low priority because I already have one of them, Furret is just iffy on legitimacy and Ursaring is just missing paint from his face so I would like a replacement
Tags: chikorita, furret, kingdra, swinub, tomy, ursaring, yanma
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