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GKWorld - Pokemon merchandise

Hello!  (Please feel free to delete if not allowed)

I was surfing anime merchandise websites and stumbled across a Pokemon Advanced Generation Bobble Figure Set.  I'm posting it because I've seen some people selling the bobble figures here on the community.  But if anyone is interested, GKWorld is selling the set for about 14 USD.  The picture they provide is the following:

It doesn't state that the item delivered may vary (sometimes they do.  but I've only seen that note for poker cards.), so I'm assuming this is the set they have on hand. 

They, also, sell various American Pokemon merchandise, imported plushes/figures, a pokemon pokeball light keychain set, and other odds and ends.  They had a zukan set, but it's out of stock now.  (Various items are out of stock, and I don't know an estimate of when/if they will be able to restock them.)  And . . . um . . . I know that, at the moment, they still have mini coin banks of the three legendary birds.  (Note:  They do Not have pokemon kid figures.  Or, at least, they don't import them.   yet.  *crosses fingers*)

I've bought from GKWorld twice before and have had fantastic service from them [although I got a little worried the second time until they e-mailed me and said an item was on backorder but they would send the rest out that day].  ^_^;;  They ship from Lackawaxen, PA, so I usually get packages from them a couple days after they ship [I'm in PA].  And I think their prices are pretty good; sometimes they have random sales and whatnot.  And I had free shipping somehow (aside from posters).

So . . . yea, the following is a link that should [hopefully] lead to the search page for the pokemon merchandise.  (They have tons of other anime merchandise, too.)  Click here
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