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ooak plush espeon

Some of you may remember me posting the custom Umbreon backpack here a few weeks ago for critique and such. Well, I decided to try my hand at making a plush Espeon next. Making custom plush patterns is still Hell.. Much thanks for my one friend for giving me a hand.

I am personally very happy with how this plush turned out. ^^ He stands as tall as an average house cat at about 14in./36cm. Comments, constructive criticism and the like greatly welcomed. The only thing I ask you to do is ignore the random crap in the background. XD;

And next to one of my cats for height comparison:

The entire plush is made from high quality fleece. Whereas the eyes, nose, and red spot/orb/thing are made from crafting foam. I might go back and add some shading/detail to the eyes and red spot later with paint, but I think I like him better like this. I also have enough material to easily make another Espeon, so I might make on for a friend. I highly doubt anyone here would want to buy one.. XD Now that I have the pattern, they're just too much fun to make.
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