cutefennekin (cutefennekin) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Collection update + Get

I realized that I have a collection of plush, pokedolls and figures that I have kept from the past. I will be doing my collection in parts. I also have a new get that I got from TRU yesterday as I went to see if I could find Froakie with Eevee, but all of the XY merch were sold out! ;_;


I also saw Braviary, Volcarona and Druddigon tomy figures, but I noticed a lone Pidove keychain figure hanging behind some trainer's choice merch on the pegs, so I decided to get Pidove. That is all for today. I hope the pics are not over the size limit as that is what I'm worried about.

Fennekin and Meowth

Lugia, Ho-Oh and Giratina Origin Kaiyodo figures.

Keldeo and Kyurem

A wallet to store your poke'money.

Fennekin and friends plus a Charizard Pokeball Pillow.

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