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Wants post!

Arg, sorry for not being around my as I'd like to lately >_> Been here and there, and have a looooooong backlogged pickup post that I need to work on when I get a free day, along with another big sales update (which would also be lengthy :p) School's been sucking up so much time >_>

Anyhow, just posting up a bit of a wants post! Imma be a bit lazy and boring and not post any pics, but I'll still be descriptive :p (Stars will indicate priority wants, so not really in any order.) I may not take all the offers, but I'll see what you have^^ Sorry, just typing this out tiredly so this is sort of a ramble....

Venusaur Pokedoll (hoping to get around $20-25 shipped, MWT)
Blastoise Pokedoll (same as above)
Cobalion PokeDoll (mmmm maybe around $15 shipped with this, MWT but Japanese version specifically)
Terrakion PokeDoll (see above)
Victini PokeDoll (maybe around $15 shipped for this MWT... doesn't matter if Japanese or American though)
*Druddigon MPC (around $14 shipped, MWT)

Tomy DX/vinyl/sofubi figures (well, lemme know what you've got! Must have tags... Oh and in pretty good condition. Received some with some small paint rubs and paint chips that weren't described in the sales pose before >_>)
Banpresto pearly Arceus vinyl/sofubi (last saw this on a sales post for about $20 shipped so would get it at that... But must have box. Yeah it's a shot in the dark to find another, but might as well try :p)
*Boxed Movie Kids - A/B boxes for Diamond and Pearl, Giratina, and Arceus movie (another shot in the dark! Looking for these movie boxed sets with sparkly kids, but also the box and stickers that they come with! So everything included)
***TOMY POSE - Arceus, Dialga, and Tornadus therian (Tornadus must come with box.... Also wouldn't mind any of the former Subarudo figures with boxes, before they were known as Tomy)
Jakks Glaceon figure (mmm I'll do maybe $15 shipped for this guy for right now)

*Axew and Emolga 2012 McDonald promo cards (hoping to get these together for combined shipping! Maybe like $4 shipped for both)
*Plasma Blast sampler pack  sealed (only available in a UK magazine, so I'm sure will be harder to get...)

Small Rumble U trade - looking to trade my Darkrai for a non-shiny Genesect!

...that's about it for now!

Tags: cards, figures, plush, trading, wanted

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