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Collection update and Natu!!

I was waiting until I had everything I've bought with me to do this, but every time everything arrives, I go and buy some more! x____x

But what I really wanted to show you was this guy!!

I found him on eBay with a buy it now, and he cost me the enormous price of... £10 shipped. ;A; I was worried he was a bootleg but it doesn't seem Natu has been bootied, and I got him this morning and his S sticker is present and accounted for!

He's in really nice condition too, so soft and squishy. >w<

And now it's time for another collection update!! I still have some Pokédolls on the way as well as the set of sitting eeveelu plushes, and some more Slowslows.

Slowvee shelf! Nearly almost totally overrun by my Slow babies. The latest addition is the lure, and I really love it, even though I hate fishing. ;A; Also the Premialive Eevee, which is a really stunning figure.

The rest of my figures! Also down the bottom is another one of my eBay finds, a Ditto TOMY! I got him in a lot for £5. The only other legit figures in the lot were Doduo and Mewtwo, but I don't mind that, haha.

This is how far I've gotten with my Halloween plush project. I still need loooots more Driflooms, a Drifblim, Lampent and Litwick before I'll consider myself done with them (I'm thinking of auctioning them off on here once I'm done with them- good idea? Bad? Idk?). Also my boyfriend's little collection of legendary dogs.

Radiator plushes!

Rumble U and halloween eeveelus. Ignore everything else. ;A; I am still missing 4 of the Rumble U figures, and my dreamy silver Eevee.

Plushiiiiiiiiiiiies. I think the only additions here are the I <3 Eevees, and the ones at the bottom! That Snorlax is the old (play by play?) one, and I got him super cheap on eBay. I think he's a particularly cute one, chubby cheeks and chubby chub. And MWT!

This shelf is sort of reserved for the new eeveelus, so it's a bit bare. Scraggy and Pikachu were won yesterday by me and my boyfriend in a Pokemon battle tournament-ish thing. ;U;

So yeah!! Getting bigger. But not big enough. >:3
Tags: collection, natu, pokedolls
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