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quick sales!

Has anyone else ever received a shipping invoice from Noppin and just cringed? (I knew it was going to be high but STILL-) And of course, XY's on the horizon too! Both lovely grass starters that I hate to let go, but I know someone else would love!

IMPORTANT! [if you read one thing, read this!]
Communication: If you comment asking about something - please do not just disappear! I need you to follow through on paying and contacting me if you need to change something or have a problem. If you just want a quote or change your mind it's okay - just let me know! - but commenting once and then leaving me hanging it frustrating.
PMs & Editing Comments: Don't send private messages asking to buy - for a myriad of reasons, I prefer selling publicly in the comments. And please no editing comments, just add another comment instead.
Buying Priority & Commitment: The first person to commit to buying an item will have priority over others.
[quoting denkimouse on buying priority]Quoting Gin: "To commit to an item, a buyer must clearly state they will purchase the item(s). Examples of commitment are "I'll take it" or "I will buy it, with shipping to (location)." Simply asking for a quote ("How much is shipping?" or "How much to (location)?"), asking a question, or otherwise inquiring about the item does not count as a commitment."

General Practices
★ My sales take place on the pkmncollectors community, so all of their rules apply.
★ I was granted sales permission on 8/8/2012 by allinia and my feedback is here. [Previous feedback]
★ My home is smoke-free and cat-friendly.
★ Prices do not include postage or fees, (unless marked as a "shipped price") but your total will reflect these fees.
★ I am currently not accepting trades. Haggling (reasonably) is welcome, just please be mindful of fees.
★ Payments are accepted via Paypal. Alternative payment methods can be discussed.
★ Let me know if you would like feedback left!

Shipping & Packing
★ I ship from the US to anywhere. I typically ship within 1-2 days of receiving payment. For this sales post, I can ship these out immediately after receiving payment.
★ Default shipping is USPS First Class. Postage starts at $1.68 for domestic and $6.55 for international. Delivery usually takes 3-5 days for domestic and 7-21 days for international, varying by country.
★ Default packing is plastic mailers for plush, bubble mailers for figures and small items, and boxes for delicate or very large items. Flats and hang tags will be protected by bubble wrap and/or firm cardboard to prevent bends and creases.
★ I'm not responsible for your packages after shipping them out. If you are concerned about any items being lost or damaged, please ask about insurance, registered mail or extra packing measures.
★ Let me know in the comments if there are any issues shipping and packing-wise, or just if your things arrived safely!

[SOLD] Meganium UFO - $50 (MWT; pretty uncommon AFAIK, the last one I saw for sale was this one!)
[SOLD] Pokemon Center Serperior - $50 (MWT; the hang tag is slightly creased/"bowed", but could be flattened; soft, almost velvety fabric)
Thanks for reading!
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