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Pokeball Keychains GA last payment! + Politoed... or not...

Hello comm!

The Pokeball Keychains GA arrived today (finally!) so let's finish with this. Thanks everybody for making this possible!! <3


If someone wants to combine shipping with something of my sales post here, let me know ^^
If you're okay with the GA, it would be nice if you can leave me feedback HERE. If you want fb, just ask me and I'll leave you too.

You can add tracking for 3.44$ more!!!

  • You can check the spreadsheet HERE

  • Payment must be done via Paypal to the address caeolos [at] Please, put your usename and what you bought in the message box.

  • Once you have paid, reply on thist post saying that you have paid and put your country

  • The original GA HERE

  • The lot on eBay HERE

  • This post concerns to kayeechu1993 , neogeen and nolanjon

You can see a photo of each one:

And... The other day, my boyfriend found a "Politoed TOMY" being sold by the user import_empire on eBay but it has a google photo so we asked if they had a better photo to see the figure and... well... this happened...

I have no words... I guess it was impossible to get it so cheap... I'll continue with my Politoed search I guess...

Thanks for everything!
Tags: group auction, payments, politoed
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