Kristin (unovacastaway) wrote in pkmncollectors,

OMG XY STUFF + Nintendo World launch info!

After seeing multiple other posts where people found XY stuff in Toys"R"Us, I decided to head to my local one. (I would have gone earlier, but my summer job ended on Sunday.)

...And I found the majority of Gen VI stuff they talked about! A lot of the Tomy figures and most of the plushes. The Trainer's Choice stuff they had were mostly of the Grass starters, with all the Fire ones in a certain Pokeball set, plus a Blastoise somewhere. (and Pikachu)

So I went and got the Meowth and Fennekin set!

I like how more of the XY figures are packaged by themselves or in a multipack, with fewer Pokeballs and extra junk thrown in there! They're doing better than BW already in that regard. (some boxes are still a little big, though)

Plus some other gets:

The Moltres pencil topper I got off eBay. The stamps and Pracoro dice I got from members of this comm.

The Articuno full-color advance figure is from Brian, and the clear keychains are from a Japanese eBay seller.

A pair of OLD SCHOOL jointed Banpresto figures! Articuno's shoulders look weird.

A card, a sticker, a metal figure, and a Pidgey kid figure... Because why not.

ALSO, according to Bulbagarden's Twitter feeds: Nintendo World in NYC's XY launch event is on October 11 from 8 pm- 1 am! Read more here.
Tags: articuno, bandai, banpresto, ensky, fennekin, kids, meowth, metal figures, moltres, pidgey, tomy, zapdos

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