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rocks n' blobs (w/sales too!)

hi everyone! collecting has been pretty stagnant for me these past few months, but i do have some new additions I wanted to share!



I was, and continue to be, super impressed with this plush!!! they managed to stay true to gigalith's detailed, rocky appearance while keeping it cute and compact like a real pokedoll!! Its so perfect I just asdfgkl....... ;;;;w;;;;

and here he is chillin out with my current, nearly complete collection:

ALSO!!!! blobs

not much is new here except for the MPC plush and a certain lovely custom- all of which are VERY IMPORTANT additions though! I've been meaning to reorganize them for the longest time only to realize I actually prefer my collection cluttered like this-- It looks like they're having a party! \o/

the aformentioned new custom! a pokedoll styled sculpture by foureyedalien!!! (bless this custom) THERE IS DETAIL ON HIS BACKSIDE TOO. this is something most of his official merch lacks, which makes this custom all the more wonderful and unique. 8)

so yeah, that is it for updates!

I also have some stuff for sale

* Sales permission granted by lineaalba in 2009
* I ship anywhere from the US (international shipping for non-flats starts at $5)
* paypal only and be sure to leave the name of the item(s) you purchase in the note section
* haggling is OK but mininum purchase is $2
* I'll hold items for 24 hours

skitty, azurill(x2), whismur, jigglypuff $2
wailmer, ludicolo $5
raichu $10

volbeat, pikachu, torchic, pichu, minun, loudred $2
spinda $5
zigzagoon $8

wobbuffet $3
aipom, phanpy $4
smeargle $12

all $1 each

$3 each

all $6 each

(MIP and come with their bottle cap bases!)
samurott, emboar $6
serperior $8
tepig, oshawott, victini $4

thanks for looking!

Tags: gigalith, reuniclus, sales
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