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Introduction and first gets..

Hello all! I'm Sammyy a 25 year old girl from PA. I've been lurking around for a few weeks now and even made a few purchases from some wonderful members! I've been into Pokemon from the very beginning: the entire set of cards(original 151),the games, blue, red, yellow, some plush and so on so forth. Unfortunately for me, I lost my collection. Though, this did not stop me! I just got back into collecting.

My collection is small but I'm very happy I can start over and have a mate who doesn't mind(in fact adores my nerdiness). I've picked up a few figures and plush from the local Flea markets and goodwills. This area isn't great for finding treasures but I get lucky once in awhile. My favorite are the ghost Pokemon! With Gengar tugging at my heartstrings, banette is the second favorite and I am looking forward to trying to get my hands on the I love Gothic series. Legendaries are almost in tie with my beloved ghost Pokemon. I told my mate I wanted to collect all the legendary Pokemon in plush form, till I realized how many there are! I'm a little behind! I may not know all the names of the Pokemon now a days but hey, never to late to learn.
I'm very much looking forward to X and Y and have my limited addition 3ds xl on layaway. I can't wait!
Anyways enough of my rambling!




Nothing huge but it's a nice little start! :D I have two custom plush, the shiny Gengar I made myself the other is one I got made for me. :D Don't mind the other plush all over.. HAHA

I also got two gets from here.. The first was the small munna, pidlove, Meloetta, and petlil that are on the shelf all cozy.
The second is from abbeymew:


Palkia, Dialga, Zekrom, uxie, Giratina, and psyduck.(don't mind the incredibly dusty fan in the bg -_-0) I was incredibly excited when the box was on the porch today! Though my mate decided he was going to open the box instead and ran off with psyduck. He is also the one who pointed out how ridiculous my purchase was since I got all legendaries and then a psyduck. This realization had me giggling for awhile.

I now need to find a place for my new little loves... which most likely means buying a new shelf here shortly!

I look forward to continuing with this community and so happy I can be apart of it! I also look forward to growing my collection.!





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