at_the_porno (at_the_porno) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Finally made myself a Sales Post!

And even a cheesy banner~! X3

^Click here for my Sales Post!^

My sales permission was granted by entirelycliched on 8/23/13
My feedback is here:
And more rules and stuff are in the post!
I have LOTS of plush (lotta pokedolls, some jakks and some banprestos!)
I also have a few figures, and a pretty rare "advanced" charmander charm.. Yeah just one charm XD
Also about the Bulbasaur/Squirtle plush I had inquired about a few days ago? Well, I've decided to put it up for auction at a later date. I'll post about it once I do decide to put it up for auction! c:
Ahem, anyway! Thank you for checking it out~! x3
Tags: banpresto, buizel, charmander, cyndaquil, emboar, entei, gizamimi pichu, ho-oh, jakks, kyurem, mewtwo, pachirisu, plush, pokedoll, pokedolls, ponyta, psyduck, raikou, serperior, snivy, teddiursa, tepig, togekiss, vanillite, wailmer, wobbuffet

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