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Lots of gets + Updated sales (Scramble U) + Shiny Eevee & Rayquaza Offers

Preview of what awaits you :3

Ahah I'm already tired before starting to write lol
Anyway, let's go !

¤ from elisha1288
I knew I wanted those plushies even if it was not hurry.
But seeing them in her sales post at a very reasonable price, I didn't hesitate too long to buy them ^ ^ Thank you again :3

¤ from nightmare_chan2
Sketched by LaPetitLapearl and then colored and charmed by her, it's the kind of thing we don't foresee but that we absolutely want as soon as we see it lol Very cute and original with the Halloween theme :3

¤ from Sunyshore
Once again, some plushies I wanted but maybe for which I was more reluctant. In fact I was not sure to like Charizard because of some pictures of him I saw. But in the end I really like him and don't regret my purchase at all. I love his face <3
Pikachu Oops is cute too. Maybe a little smaller to what I imagined ^^

I really wanted these clips without knowing where to find them. Thank you Gin ^^ As soon as I saw them I immediately knew what would be their utility. But I'll show you it later in the post ^^ Anyway I am very satisfied with them :3

¤ from +Poke Box+
Lucario is the one I previously owned.
To be honest at first I was a bit disappointed that the stamp was not similar to the top drawing. But in the end and after looking better the stamps images, some of them caught my attention ^^
First was Lopunny who completes a kind of duet with Lucario (I chose the drawing with similar pose). I also liked Dragonair and Ninetales. However this latter was not available when I first looked. But a few days later new stamps were added. Suffice to say that as soon as I saw her I added it to my cart x)

¤ from Yetee
I love it all ! The design, the idea, the mashup.
Thanks again to them for having permitted me to have it whereas I was not able to pay it on his day o/

¤ from Noppin
Bottle caps figures are very nice and detailed. I'm planning to complete both sets ^^

Genesect pose is a bit strange x)
Well I have more and more Mewtwo figures ^^

Very cute :3 I love them.
My Lottery prizes shelf is filling up so I will have to make small cardboard supports to display all that. It's been a while since I say this lol But I must do it since for me a collection is worth nothing if not well exposed. Come on ! >< Next time I must show you at least 3 presentable shelves ^^

Still Shiny Genesect prizes ^^ My Shiny shelf is going to be a Red shelf lol
The statue is very light compared to the Black and White Kyurems :O

Shiny prize again but Magikarp this time ^^
I expected it bigger but it is very nice :3

Eevee's Invasion on the way ><
This figure is awesome *o* The pose, the background and the two Foongus :3
I really love it !

So cute !!! I don't know what to say more lol

So, let's do some group pictures o/
My big Eevee :3 Not many compared to some of you but a lot when you consider that I did not want to collect him xD

And Banpresto Eeveelutions \o/
So cute !!!!! (yeah I always say that lol)
Sylveon fits well with the "I Love" ones.
All fits well in this space in fact ^^ : the width of the Pokémon Center bag (that I got when receiving my Poliwhirl cushion from Gin) which i use for hiding empty boxes and the number of Eeveelutions. I'm lucky ^^
Ultimate detail, the clips to maintain the bag :3

Finished ! ^^
Thanks for reading and sorry for English mistakes.

You can find more pictures on my website

Don't forget to look at my sales

And also for Offers o/

Shiny Eevee Scramble U (jap) NFC figure - Starts at 40 USD
The bag has been opened because there was a mark on her cheek. I wanted to check if it was paint or just dust. Thankfully it was just a little dirt like it happened to my Litwick. So there is nothing anymore :3.

Shiny Rayquaza Lottery prize charm - Starts at 40 USD
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