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Auction Reminder -- One day!

Hello everyone!

I'm just hopping in to let you know that the lottery items auction has less than twenty-four hours to go, and I wanted to give everyone enough notice (especially international bidders and people who won't be on the computer when the auction ends) to get your bids in. I'll do another post when the auction has a few hours to go to let everyone know the official ending time and give a final heads-up to anyone looking to bid.

Here are the current bids on the lottery plush. Keep in mind this could be your last chance to get some of these items, as they seem to be getting a bit scarce on Y!J. The higher you bid, the better chance we have of winning because the higher my max bid goes!

In Both Lots (Definitely getting the item if we win one of the two auctions!)
Large Lotto Origin Giratina: happyjolteon @ $50
Large Lotto Ground Shaymin: girlunoriginal @ $35

In Lot 1 Only (About 50% chance of getting item!)
Small Lotto Giratina: ambertdd @ $10
Small Lotto Pikachu: heenz @ $5

In Lot 2 Only (About 50% chance of getting item!)
Small Lotto Ground Shaymin: meowthcollector @ $10
Small Lotto Sky Forme Shaymin: bergunty @ $25

Please go here if you're wanting to bid on an item or see pictures of the items: http://community.livejournal.com/pkmncollectors/1588870.html

May Hypnochat bless you all! XD
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