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Ok, needs another post, I'm sorry, >_<

I'm trying to make room in my.. room... I have a huge box from SMJ containing the MegaBlock set shown here;

Click the image for the original page with all the information! ... if you guys can read kanji/kana XD;;;;;;
To the best of my knowledge the set is complete. I simply haven't had the time to check, but it all seems to be there. And yes, the bucket is included. Unfortunately the character blocks shown are NOT included. Most are still in my shop, but the rest have been kept/sold!

Considering the set has a retail price of 6300 yen, I'm open to offers (obviously I won't ask for that much even closely!!), but yeah, if you want this, seriously, ask. It can also come with an assortment of 5 character blocks from my shop at no extra cost.

I really need to get rid, and I will happily send it out! If not it will be heading to my local charity shop for them to do with what they please!

And that's my last for tonight, v. sorry guys XD
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