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New Custom Bell Plush - Natu and Skymin!

Well, I can't quite say that they're BELL plush, as they're currently missing bells due to my misplacing them. XD; Regardless, I love them all the same!

Shown with comparison to the official Pidgey bell plush! Natu is made of fleece with felt details (and a dab of white paint) and Skymin is made of felt with fleece and other felt details. Both of these were actually finished last week or earlier this week, but I only now remembered to post them (thanks to Gin posting the Chinchou I made for her!). I only wish the photography did the minty green fleece justice; it's such a lovely color in person.

I actually started working on Skymin before she was officially announced (when the can badges were leaked) so the anatomy was a bit off and I thought that the body came out so horribly that I set her aside for a few months... only to rediscover her and think that I could salvage her a little. Now I'm quite satisfied with the turnout~

Natu is about an INCH tall- the smallest plush I've ever made and owned~ of course, such a small body made it difficult to apply details, so the eyes are quite off to me. Regardless, I still like the view from the side of it (I only wish I had some black paint on hand!):

I plan to make a lifesize Natu plush (only 8" tall!) in the near future, so I've learned a few things from making this particular plush. :D I can't wait to start on it~

Of topic, but a quickie note to trainer_irene and skinst_bomb- your packages will be shipped on Monday now that I have a car again~ ;D

Also, while I'm at it, I'd like to remind everyone of the Bell Keychain Group Auction right here!
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