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Groudon and Dialga Packages and two photo stories

Sorry for the blurry pictures! Well at least Groudon's pics are blurry.

Pokedoll Groudon: "Hey guys... GUYS! There's a package here... for US!"

Jakks Groudon: "You're right pokedoll... Hey Tomy do you want to open it?"
Tomy Groudon: "Erm well the package is too big for me..."
Pokedoll Groudon: "And my teeth and claws are too soft to tear it open..."
Jakks Groudon: "Ok, ok I'll do it"

Jakks Groudon: "*mouth full* Ey I ee ubble ap!"
Pokedoll Groudon: "What? I can't understand what you're saying."
Jakks Groudon: "*mouth still full* I aid I ee ubble wap!"
Tomy Groudon: "Bubble Wrap!? YAY!"

Pokedoll Groudon: "What is that wierd card thing?"
Jakks Groudon: "*mouth still full* I omos ot it out"
Tomy Groudon: "Look it has a Groudon on it!"

Jakks Groudon: "I got it out! So....what is it?"
Tomy Groudon: "It's round... is it a cookie!?"
Pokedoll Groudon: "Nah it's not a cookie... it looks shiny... It must be a coin!"
Tomy Groudon: "A coin? Aw it's not a cookie"
Jakks Groudon: "A coin with a groudon on it? A Groudon coin!"

Attempt at a decent close up picture of the coin

I totally forgot this thing existed until one night I remembered. It's the pre-order coin for Ruby and Sapphire way back from '03 here in the U.S. I looked on Amazon and couldn't find it and I looked on Ebay until I finally found it.I was starting to think this was going to be a grail item. My dad got it for me and now here it is! I haven't taken it out of its packaging because I'm not sure if I want to.


Dialga has clearer pictures.

Me: "This is sort of morbid..... None of the other Dialgas want to play with it."

Me: "Morbid headless Dialga is still morbid and still none of the other Dialgas want to play with it."

Dialga: "Ahem? I feel a bit naked here!"
Me: "Sorry!"

10th anni zukan Dialga: "Ah much better!"
Me: "Now that it has it's head and is no longer naked Tomy Dialga has come to watch."

Tomy Dialga: "Is he food?"
10th Anni Zukan Dialga: "No...... well Maybe...."
Tiny clear Ash: "..."
10th Anni zukan Dialga: "He was packaged with me...... so maybe he was meant to be a snack..."
Tiny clear Ash: "O.o;;;;;"

And so now I have a 10th anniversary movie Dialga zukan and It now relaxes on my cabinet with my other Dialga's. It's my first zukan ever!

I cleaned my room this week so I re-organized my Dialgas so now there's more room.

I also got a new plastic Dialga coin a few weeks ago which is the one up top. It's hard to see because the shine from the flash making it sparkle.

Since my birthday is on Sunday there may be another update then. Edit: The cut tag messed up so theres more than one for groudon and Dialga and now I'm trying to fix it.  Edit: fixed it.
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