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Favorite type of merchandise?

Hmm, my SMJ auction doesn't end for another thirty-one hours, and because my stalking of it is going to be pretty uneventful for quite a while now despite the fact that I keep refreshing it, I might as well start a little discussion.

What is your favorite type of merchandise? Are you a plush person (and if so, what kind of plush?), a TCG person, a zukan person, TOMY figure person... You see where I'm going with this. Anyway, what is your favorite type of merchandise, and why?

I'm definitely most interested in plush, and within the broad category of plush, my favorites are life-sized/jumbo plush, TOMY plush, and friends plush. :) I love Pokémon plush that are big and huggable, and life-sized is even more fun because it gives a sense of size to the Pokémon (They're always a bit bigger then I expect!). I love TOMY plush because of the soft fabric they use, and the fact that the plush tend to be nicely proportioned and detailed. Sort of realistic, in a way, I guess. Friends plush are just cute and addictive, and I like their size. They're pocket-sized and adorable and there are so many different ones to collect!

How about everyone else?
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