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Sales & Auctions & XY Plush pickups from Nintendo World on 09 Oct

Hello! I've just returned from Japan and have a TON of cool stuff for sale!  Things include lots of Sylveon & Eevee stuff (and 2 awesome vinyl Eevee bags), a lottery-only Espeon & Umbreon sticker, a few plush (including I Love Marine), regional straps, a vintage box of clear kids, rare unopened color coro dice, an XY promo clear file, pan stickers & MORE!
photo 3

Of course I bought so much stuff for myself... if I have time I'll make a gets post :)

A note about my Pan Sticker sales... I've got a ton more, so expect an update soon!  In this post, I put the stickers I got from the newest release, set 134, which includes Eeveelu heads, Genesects, Mewtwo, and Charizard :)


OMG.  The Nintendo World store is putting out the new Pokedolls as I type.  I will be doing a pickup tomorrow (Wednesday 09 October)!  (My apologies for a second post today, I hope this is ok.)

The cutoff for orders is Noon on Wednesday (EST).

Please not that the tag does not say 'Pokedoll'. They say "Poke Plush" standard or large.
The Xerneas and Yveltal are HUGE.  Xer is around 13x16 and Yve is about 18x18.


Note that these cost more than Pokedolls! :(

(You pay shipping & fees in addition)

  • Poke Plush standard - $21 - starters, Pancham, Fletchling, Helioptile, Gogoat, Flabebe, Scatterbug)

  • Poke Plush large - $45 (Xerneas & Yveital, big Pikachu)

  • Old Pokedolls - $17 (not sure what's in stock)

Shipping for plush:

  • Shipping in the US (for one Pokedoll) is about $2.75

  • Shipping to Canada (for one Pokedoll) is about $8.00

  • All other international shipping (for one Pokedoll) starts at about $10.00

  • All tags are cardboard protected for no extra cost!

**These are ESTIMATES!  I will charge actual shipping + PP fees + mailer cost.  I use a poly bag for small orders, box for larger orders.Prices may vary based on post code and total weight.


  • Sales permission granted 19 FEB 2013 by entirelycliched.

  • I ship from NY, USA.  Prices do not include shipping or PP fees.  I charge actual shipping + .30 material fees (for non sticker sales- stickers go in regular envelopes with stamps).  For boxes, I (usually, printer willing) buy postage on the computer, which is cheaper than buying it in the post office.

  • I accept Paypal ONLY.

  • Not responsible for Post Office oopsies.  Please enquire if you'd like insurance. The price quoted is for regular mail.  If you'd like Priority please ask.

  • Please pay for items within 24 hours.  No holds.  Be clear if you are committed or just asking for an shipping estimate. First committed buyer has priority.

  • All PKMNcollectors forum rules apply.

  • I have pets, so you may find a stray hair.  Non-smoking home.

  • Please note your postcode or country for shipping.

  • When paying, indicate your user name on the PP form

About auctions:
Auctions end on Sunday October 13 at 6pm Eastern Time - auction countdown:

3DS XL case $22 SOLD
Talking Sylveon figure $23 SOLD

Glittery Vinyl Bag - Auction item starts at $20
approx size 13" wide x 9" tall x 4" deep
photo 5

Glittery Vinyl Bag - Auction item starts at $20 (pic a bit blurry but actual bag is not blurry ;) )
approx size 13" wide x 9" tall x 4" deep
photo 3

Pokemon Center lottery prize sticker - Auction Item
approx size 4" x 3"
photo 2

Best Wishes Espeon $20
Peeking Vulpix $16
photo 1

Strap Charms
Gotochi Hyogo Eevee (on temple) $14
Gotochi Kyoto Eevee $14
Gotochi Hyogo Pikachu $13
Pepsi Thundurus $8
photo 2

Charm set $14
Stamp w/ ink (unused) $14 SOLD
Pokeball Coaster - not for sale, lottery prize.  Made of heavy, floppy plastic. - Auction item
photo 5

Cardass cards - each comes w/ the sparkly top card and 2 sheets of stickers.  Its hard to tell in the pic but the back side has all die cut stickers as well. Axew - $2
Ensky cardboard collector's cards (menko).  Were sold blind.  There are 30 total in the set, 5 being sparkly. Size is 75mm x 45mm.
Bottom row $1.50 ea. OSHAWOTT SOLD
Espeon, Glaceon $4 ea
Sparkly Genesect - auction item

photo 2

Embroidered Stickers $8 ea
Badge $7 SOLD
photo 3

Eevee Ippai figures (Jolteon, LEafeon & Vaporeon) $6 ea - All 3 for $15
Sylveon screen cleaner (headphone jack insert) $4
Eevee friends figures
Eevee $5, Flareon $8, Umbreon $6, Espeon $6 - All 4 for $20
photo 1

UFO catcher coin pouch $10
photo 4photo 5

Pan Stickers
Mewtwo, Genesect & Charizard $3 ea
Eeveelu heads $5 ea
Others $1 ea
(Shipping on stickers only is .50 to the USA and 1.15 international.  Up to 20 stickers can be sent for this price.  You can combine with my other sticker sales, which can be found here:
photo 4

Reversible Munchlax & Pikachu, $3 ea
photo 1photo 2

Pokemon Center Sticker (I have 3) $4
Tall eraser
photo 4

Vintage Kids special clear versions - Auction Item.  All boxes are unopened.  9 boxes - Pikachu is missing.  The pic on the side represents which characters are inside.
photo 5
photo 1
photo 2
photo 3

Coro Dice set. Never opened.  Auction item
photo 1
photo 2

photo 4

Pokemon Center Promo Item (not for sale) - mini clearfile - auction item
photo 5photo 1

Clear Ivysaur kid $3
Clear Horsea kid $2
Vintage Teddiursa lock $8
photo 4

Small Pokemon Center bag $1 w/ purchase
photo (2)
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