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Now I'm in the group auction groove!


If you were listed on this list, you've won the zukan (assuming we win the auctions!).

Hi everyone!

I already have one group auction ending in about 14-15 hours, but I saw two lots that I can't resist starting a group auction for. I think a lot of you are going to be interested in these two lots. :D

As usual, the deal is this: You guys bid on the items until the auction ends (possibly a few days after, if it ends up being costlier than I expect). What you all bid helps determine what I put up for our max bid. You must pay through Paypal between the time we win the auction (IF we do--these could go very high!) and the invoice arrives so I can pay for the invoice. Do not bid if you cannot pay in this time frame.


Pikachu and evolutions -- pacificpikachu

Seaking + Goldeen: tonko @ $8 WIN
Zubat + Evolutions: tonko @ $11 WIN
Machop + Evolutions: tonko @ $6 WIN
Milotic + Feebas Set 1: frugrow @ $10 WIN (Extra $5 if needed?)
Milotic + Feebas Set 2: frugrow @ $15 WIN
Corsola: ladylegsdarkrai @ $3 WIN
Staryu + Starmie: sora_no_kokoro @ $10 WIN
Natu + Xatu: meowthcollector @ $15 WIN
Girafarig: regen @ $20 WIN
Skarmory: sora_no_kokoro @ $11 WIN
Heracross: frugrow @ $7 WIN
Pinsir: frugrow @ $4 WIN
Kyogre: sora_no_kokoro @ $14 WIN


Arcanine + Growlithe -- pacificpikachu
Meowth + Persian -- pacificpikachu
Bulbasaur + evolutions -- tonko

NOTE: I am going to put Charizard and Blastoise up for bid, but I am thinking very, very much about keeping them. So here's what's going to happen:

If the auction gets so expensive that we can't pay for it with the rest of the zukan and with my budget for the four I'm wanting, the highest bidders on Charizard and Blastoise will be notified and pay what they offered for them. This makes it sound like a bad chance for you, but my budget is pretty low so consider your chances high that this will happen--especially because I expect this auction to skyrocket later. (My limit for Charizard is higher than Blastoise.) ^^; I know that kind of throws a wrench in it, but just...bid knowing that that condition exists. The higher the bidding on these goes, though, the better chance I throw in the towel!

Electabuzz: My little brother @ $10 WIN
Scyther: My little brother @ $10 WIN
Bellsprout + evolutions: garefowl @ $5 WIN
Ekans + Arbok: badgerr_ftw @ $15 WIN
Charmander + Evos (CONDITIONAL): pheonixxfoxx @ $40 (Plus extra $5 if needed?) WIN
Squirtle + Evos (CONDITIONAL): sora_no_kokoro @ $36 WIN

The official winners are listed!
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