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The most adorable Shaymin merch to date! (in my opinion)


The shaymin name tag key chain! I must admit Im not too partial to most of the shaymin merch out there even though I've adored the little hedgehog since I saw her sprite art (skymin merch is a different story) so when I saw this little girl I couldn't pass her up. She's my first shaymin merch (besides my skymin pokedoll) I think it may be the start of a mini collection.

Next week (probably mid~weekend) I will have shaymin and skymin merch for sale. I know I have some sort of keychains, and the friends plush. Im not sure what else is coming (my guy is sending me a semi sort of surprise package and bought some extras for you guys!) so keep a look out.

Also Im temporarily without a computer (Im at a friends) hence the crap phone photo. My computer crashed :C

Phsyicmoonshadow (I think thats your user name) please PM me~ I received shroomish but there was a bit of a problem ;-; PM me I'll tell you about it.

thats all for now I believe. :3
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