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New Friends, New Poke Crack, and Auction

Today I met and went shopping with warandromance today! ^_^ It was fun. I only wish we had more time to hang out. ;_; Hopefully we will next time. I'm hoping kaygee84 will be with us next time, as well. Anyway, the shops around Little Tokyo had the new series 8 Poke kids. <333 I went crazy! I was also FINALLY able to nab a Leafeon kid. Bout damn time! Anyway, here's a pic of my newest kids, plus a cute light-up Pika keychain commemorating the new movie:

Yes, I pulled a clear Azelf kid! ^__^ Yay! I was also thrilled to see Giratina. That Skymin kid will be the ONLY Skymin merch i get. ^^;; The hype is too crazy as it is. Hehe. Shaymin is very cute, though. I love the Rotom and Magnezone ones! <333 So cute!

Here's a pic of the stickers commemorating the newest movie...? o_O It looked like they were because of the packaging.

My two favorite types! Eee~! ^___^ I MAY sell some of the sticker in the future. Dunno. *shrugs*

I got my lot of 4 pokedolls today! ^^ They are all in great shape except for Pikachu. ;_; It's been quite loved. But that's okay. Anyway, many of you showed a lot of interest in the cute Magby pokedoll and, quite honestly, I'm tempted to keep it myself. So, if it doesn't get auctioned away within the time frame listed, I will keep it till further notice.

Please note that it has no tush tag. It's still in great condition, though, with no stains or rips. Very soft and cute. :3 Chatot doesn't have a tush tag, either. =/

friskavk: you owe me $10 + $4(s/h) + 75¢(PP fees) = $14.75 for Chatot. ^_^ My paypal is yaoiloverhotmail AT

Magby auction:
AUC: $10
BIN: $25

Please bid in increments of $1! This auction will end one week from today (8-23-08) at 10 PM PST. Good luck everyone! ^_^

Be prepared for a HUGE plush collection update soon. ^_~ warandromance got a little preview of it today when she came over. She even wants to see me do an update. XD I have a few more Pika plush coming my way. Once they arrive, I'll do the update. :) Stay tuned!
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