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Super Exciting Grail Gets + Nintendo World XY Plush Shop Update

Hey everyone!
The last day has been wicked exciting for me. Of course Pokemon XY was part of it, but also because I got two grails I NEVER thought I would get!

Ahhhh!! Look at them!! They're so cute! I was casually searching Plusle and Minun on eBay and these guys popped up. I couldn't believe it! I've been told how rare they are before. I honestly didn't even put them on my wants list since I didn't think I would ever be able to afford them. When I saw the auction there was still a few days left, so I had to wait. I won Plusle with no competition, and only one person bid against me for Minun. I ended up getting them for a grand total of about $50 shipped! They're so cute and so soft! I don't have any other canvas plush, so they're a little smaller than I expected, but it doesn't even matter. They're definitely the gems of my plusle/minun collection.

I should be getting another grail in about 2 weeks. I can't wait! I'll be sure to post on here once it comes in =]

I also went to the Nintendo World XY release last night. It was super fun! I went alone, but I ended up talking to the guys in line behind me, and they were super cool and nice! We hung out all night! I was really excited to see them giving away the pokeball DS game holders. I was so jealous that the US didn't get them. They gave them away when you entered the event and when you bought the game, so I ended up with 2. I bought a ton of stuff, and I snagged some extras that will be in my sales post. I LOVE XY so far! I got X, and I've only been able to play for a couple hours (midterms -_-), but I love everything about the game! I can't wait to keep playing and see what else is different/new.

I updated my sales with a good amount of XY Merch (plush and one of the pokeball DS game holders), and I lowered some prices. Click the preview to be transported to my shop!

Thanks for reading!!
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