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Flatwares Update + Desk Question

I received some new flat items today. :D
' v '

New Amada stickers. I love shiny things.. |3 From warandromance. I took this picture before scanning the new additions to my collection. I left one out from the photo, which ended up being grouped with the cards.
Blinding shiny lights 8>

Various holos from the 11th movie set, Destroyed Sky, and blister packs. I adore Kagemaru Himeno's and Mitsuhiro Arita's art. |D

Close-ups. Clicking them will lead to the 585x800 scan (300~375 kb).
Dialga Movie 11 Promo
Magnezone Movie 11 Promo
Dialga IFDS Holo
Giratina IFDS Holo
Dusknoir IFDS Holo
Gliscor Blister Pack Promo
Porygon-Z Blister Pack Promo

I also got some new card sleeves. :D They're a very nice grey; they go well with the silver border of the Japanese cards (though not so much the old-type ones). Both sides are the same grey.
So grey...

My old ones were tournament deck sleeves. They're not worn at all; I just ran out for the new cards and couldn't find any more of them. I'm picky about matching things, so I got new ones anyway. |D;; The old ones are blue-grey on the inside, metallic-y black on the outside. I'm probably going to store or reuse these, as otherwise it'd be a waste.

I've also been wondering, how much of your collection do you have on your desk, if at all? Pics! :D

Mine is.. barren. |>; I clean my computer often, so I don't put many things on it to make the cleaning easier. The three small objects under the monitor are an extra Deoxys Speed Pokedex figure, a Magnezone stamp, and a random traffic cone keychain (which lights up 8D). The purple thing that the hard drive is sitting on (bottom right) is a Spiritomb pillow that I made a while ago.
The computer says hi :D

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